Family & Friends

Arthur's Friend Paul
Hank Lee
Diane's Mom Dec 2010
Ed Porter Arthur's Maternal Grandfather
Malvese Porter Maternal Grandmother
Diane's Grandparents, Mother & Aunts
Agnes Cousin James Crawford
Screwbop & Sabrina
Clinton Lee Arthur's Adoptive Father
October 2005 Memphis
Agnes Lee 1970's
Mkther's Day 1990
Arthur at 5 Years
Arnold Briscoe, Athur Lee & ? 1964
Bellvue Avenue Memphis TN
As It is  Now or Was in 2007
January 1973
Chester Taylor With His Coronet
Johnny Echols
Johnny & His Boots
Agnes & CL Lee n Arthur's Yard Early 1970's
Agnes Lee & Arthur's Bently Early 1970's
Cousins ~ Two Porters & a Taylor
With Friend David Biali 1993 or 1994 Think '94
At Olvera Street with Hank Lee
Bedros Dardarian
Diane & Mom in Detroit